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Gemini GS

Fully automated hybrid Immunohaematology analysers for the simultaneous processing of STARGELTM Antibody Screening and Microplate Grouping technologies. The Gemini family of instruments are specifically designed to meet the needs of Donor accredication laboratories. 

Gemini GS (Group & Screen) - 

  • Bench-top hybrid analyser combining Microtitre plate Grouping and STARGELTM technology
  • 100 Group and Pooled 2 Cell Screens per hour  
  • 192 onboard samples with customisable tube racks
  • 24 Microtitre plates on-board
  • 24 x 6 well STARGELTM card centrifuge
  • Single sample addition for routine Donor Group and Screen profiles
  • Further blood Donor accreditation tests in development