Products overview

HaemokinesisĀ® designs, develops, manufactures and supports its own blood banking systems capable of an emergency Forward and Reverse Group in 1-minute, Antibody Screens, Antibody IDs and Crossmatches in 10 minutes.

Hospital & Private Laboratory Solutions

HaemokinesisĀ® provides an extensive suite of diagnostic systems for blood typing suitable for any size laboratory.

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Blood Donor Centre

HaemokinesisĀ® provides Donor accreditation laboratory automation improving productivity and efficiency.

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Point of Care & Emergency Medicine

HaemokinesisĀ® is committed to Point-Of-Care and emergency medicine. Our first product in this range is the GLIF 1-minute test for ABO and Rh(D) blood groups.

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Quality Control & Antisera

HaemokinesisĀ® provides a range of customer orientated QC products in whole blood tubes which are comparable to real patient samples.

HaemokinesisĀ® supplies ALBA antisera by Quotient for Australia and New Zealand only.

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